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Results Easter Dragrace Championships

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What was supposed to be two only days of drag racing turned into three days of unpredictable weather, undeniable showmanship, record-breaking times, a grateful organization but most of all satisfied racers and fans.

The first Easter Dragrace Championships, which were planned for Easter weekend, came to an end on Monday 21 April. After enjoying lots of sunshine on Saturday during the qualification rounds of the race, bad weather struck on Sunday which forced the race to be halted quit a few times. But after every spell of rain, the motivated racers who were determined to give the fans the race they bargained for, helped to dry the track by driving up and down on it. This actually helped to complete a  few rounds of racing but not all. The unfinished categories got moved to the next day.

The battle for Prices in both the motorbike categories only came down to the names mentioned hereunder with the first place going to our guests from French Guyana:
Gerard and Laura Pauchet (F-Guy)
Lorenzo Veldkamp (SUR)
Armand Pool (SUR)
Steven Lecky and (SUR)
Sabino Patrice (F-GUY)

It was another story altogether in the Car Category  with the host nation almost sweeping the prices. The Cobra struck again in the Super Outlaw category to the satisfaction of not only team Delta and driver Jean Paul Jose but of many spectators as well.

Click here for the full results..

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